Sunaina Roshan Controversy: Why Isn’t Hrithik Roshan’s Family Getting Any Privacy?

Sunaina Roshan Controversy: Why Isn’t Hrithik Roshan’s Family Getting Any Privacy?

A close friend of the Roshans say that Sunaina Roshan is very much at home and is under no threat or danger from her family as Kangana Ranaut’s sister alleged

As Hrithik Roshan and his family face one of the worst crises of their lives, it is sad to see they are not being given the privacy to sort out their problems. A few days ago, Hrithik’s sister gave an explosive interview alleging the family was keeping her away from her love, a Muslim journalist and that they were not supporting her in any way. She also alleged that her father called her boyfriend a ‘terrorist’. It is an embarrassing family matter (whatever be the truth of the situation) but it’s being played out in the public domain. Not only is the media not giving the Roshans any privacy, the man that Sunaina Roshan is allegedly seeing, is sought out by enterprising journalists and he is allowed to give the Roshans a sermon on Islamic inclusion.

Do they deserve to be pulled up? A close friend of Rakesh Roshan says, “Guddu (Rakesh Roshan) would never insult anyone specially when he doesn’t know him. How can he call this gentleman a terrorist? Guddu isn’t capable of loose talk. Has anyone heard Guddu saying and doing what he’s accused of? Right now it’s only the daughter’s word against no one else’s word. Because Guddu is not speaking.”

In the meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli seems to feel Sunaina is in some kind of danger, that she is under house arrest and is being sedated by her family. Banish these paranoiac thoughts, please! Sanaina is very much at home with the Roshans, as safe and sound as ever. The close friend says, “I’ve seen Sunaina at home. I wouldn’t like to comment on her state of mind. But her family is doing its best to help her and provide her with the emotional and medical environment that would help her heal and feel secure.”

Another source close to the Roshans says, “The family loves Sunaina. She feels otherwise. It is unfair to all concerned. Rakesh Roshan and Pinky (his wife) are doing their best to make Sunaina feel loved and secure. If outsiders stopped meddling the crisis could be solved quicker.” As reported earlier, the stress and the controversy is affecting the promotions of Hrithik Roshan’s next film Super 30 which releases next month.