Sunaina Roshan Controversy: Hrithik Roshan's Sister Says She Wants to Stay Separately
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Sunaina Roshan Controversy: Hrithik Roshan's Sister Says She Wants to Stay Separately

Sunaina Roshan has spoken out about her mental health and her family

Things have not been good for the Roshan family household in the past few years. What with Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Khan’s divorce, Hrithik- Kangana Ranaut’s ongoing legal fight and Rakesh Roshan’s cancer diagnosis. The family has been battling one obstacle after the other.

Recently, Sunaina Roshan, who is also a cancer survivor has been in the news. Few days back it was reported that Sunaina, has been kept under critical care due to her failing psychological health. However, Sunaina tweeted saying that she is well and was partying with her friends in Chembur, when she got the wind of the news.

People also felt that her previous tweet is what fueled rumours about her health-battles.

However, Sunaina has spoken to the media and has given her side of the story and revealed some shocking facts about the family. Sunaina, has finally broken her silence and refuted rumours that she was hospitalized due to bipolar disorder or any other psychological issues. However, she did admit that she does have some health issues and was in rehab for alcoholism. She adds that she left the rehab and came to meet her father when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Sunaina, did not need medication and had vowed to help her father get back on his feet.  Several differences arose between her and her parents, who she felt were interfering in her personal life. She did not like the fact that her parents stopped her from meeting men or having an occasional drink. She also moved out of the family house in Juhu, but had to return back on their behest and also due to her financial troubles. She spoke to a media outlet saying, “ If Hrithik can live separately why can’t I ? She has been staying in a rented hotel apartment for the past 17-18 days before she came back home to stay in the same building as her parents. While she is staying in their home, she has a separate entrance and a separate floor on which she lives.”

She finally concludes by saying that neither Hrithik nor her parents have bothered staying in touch with her after the news of her health broke out and that she has no support from her family either.

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