Sunaina Roshan Controversy: Family Claims Boyfriend Ruhail Amin is Already Married
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Sunaina Roshan Controversy: Family Claims Boyfriend Ruhail Amin is Already Married

Sunaina Roshan Ruhail Amin controversy takes a shocking turn as family claims Ruhail is already married!

There seems to be no end to the controversies revolving around the Roshan family. Right from the Kangana Ranaut controversy to Hrithik’s divorce and now Sunaina Roshan’s personal turmoil, the family just doesn’t seem to get any break.

We had last reported how Sunaina Roshan isn’t getting along with her family as they are against her marrying a Kashmiri journalist, Ruhail Amin. Sunaina claimed how her father, Rakesh Roshan slapped her and called Ruhail a ‘terrorist’, and even Hrithik Roshan doesn’t seem to be supporting his sister. She had made claims that her family cut her allowance and that prompted her to move out. But as her allowance stopped, she had to move back home. We now hear that a certain family friend may have had a part to play in the fight. A family friend told the Roshans that Ruhail Amin is married with kids and hence Sunaina should avoid going ahead with the alliance. The Roshan family doesn’t want Sunaina to make another marital mistake, as she has already been married twice. A source close to the family reported to the media that it was this reason why Rakesh and his wife Pinky didn’t want Sunaina to be with Ruhail. Ruhail had spoken to the media how he was disappointed with the way the Roshan family reacted to him being a Muslim.

Sunaina, had reached out to Rangoli and Kangana Ranaut and sought their help in her fight against her family. Rangoli, had even tweeted how the Roshan family had kept Sunaina under a strict watch and were even physically assaulting her. Sunaina, had a history of mental illness along with Cancer. She was even in rehab for her alcohol addiction. The Roshan family however, has maintained a stoic silence over this issue. May peace come to the family very soon.