Summer Love by Teeli:  A Pakistani Web Series
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Summer Love by Teeli: A Pakistani Web Series

Teeli is a well-known channel, known for producing quality videos and original content

On YouTube, Teeli is a well-known channel, known for producing quality videos and original content.  For over a year now, Teeli has been entertaining South Asians with their relatable videos that mirror life in Pakistan and produce a comedic spin on real-life issues. With web series picking up steam globally, it’s not surprising that Teeli has created a web series in association with Cornetto.

Titled Summer Love the web series stars Vardah Aziz as Nida and Hadi Bin Arshad as Sami. The show revolves around the concept of “opposites attract” and as soon as the series begins, Nida and Sami certainly fit the bill.  Nida and Sami meet when they begin work at an internship on the same day.  

Sami, recently burned by love, swears off love and declares (mentally) that he will stay away from love – even after seeing Nida and visibly being smitten by her.  However, their small differences soon enough create disdain between the two, their differences being little things like punctuality and plain old first-impression judgements. 

Despite their opinions regarding each other, their curiosity is peaked in true digital-age form when they each begin examining the others Facebook profile.  Ultimately, the two share a warm moment of bonding at the end of the episode.

The only criticism I have of the episode is that it focused mostly on inner-thoughts and less verbal dialogue between characters.  This format may work for the initial episode, but it will get boring if the show continues in the same way. 

The story seemingly will progress to show how Sami and Nida’s relationship moves forward from initially being acquaintances to who makes the first step in forming a relationship.  The lead actors are doing a good job of performing naturally and share good chemistry. 

The web series has a modern, confident feel to it, a feel that’s different from what is seen on Pakistani television.  This is the sort of show Pakistani teenagers, college students and working professionals can relate to.  Running at a short ten minutes per episode, this works in the show’s favor, as it’s makes it easier to watch.  The show can be viewed during lunch breaks, while waiting in the car or right before going to sleep without wasting an extensive amount of time.  It will be interesting to see how this story progresses in future episodes and whether the episodes will be able to weave a pace that keeps the audience hooked throughout.  

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother