Subhash Ghai’s #Metoo Accuser Backtracks, But Does it Clear his Name?

Once a filmmaker is accused of harassment, it is difficult for him to regain his reputation
Subhash Ghai’s #Metoo Accuser Backtracks, But Does it Clear his Name?
Subhash Ghai

Starlet Kate Sharma who accused disgraced showman Subhash Ghai of rape has taken back her allegation citing her mother’s illness as one of the reasons why she has stepped back from her allegation. The starlet’s withdrawal is described by one of Ghai’s former leading ladies as  “a big slap in the face to the MeToo movement. Although she isn’t  refuting her allegations, she  is  moving back in her  fight and that’s  a downer  for the Movement.”

One of the top leading ladies of Bollywood who is extremely vocals on all social issues says she completely understands Kate Sharma’s predicament.  “People who have not been in such a situation won’t know what it is like to fight a  long legal battle. It saps you emotionally and  financially.”

Be as it might,  Ghai’s reputation is hardly expected to be restored by his accuser’s aborted allegations. It is unlikely that he would be able to get a cast together for his next film. Says  Ashoke Pandit, chief advisor of the Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE), “That is the thing about reputations. Once tarnished they are hard to restore. We took a very firm view of  (casting director)  Mukesh Chhabra ’s anonymous accusations. They nearly cost him his directorial debut.”

An actress who is a very close friend of Chhabra says, “There is a difference between the accusations levelled at  Sajid Khan or Subhash Ghai and that levelled at Mukesh Chhabra. When   Mukesh’s accusers were asked to come forward and identify themselves, no one came forward. This is wrong. You can’t ruin a man’s reputation and then remain in the shadows.”