Style Desi Eyes Perfectly With These Simple Tips and Tricks

Style Desi Eyes Perfectly With These Simple Tips and Tricks

Zeenat Jaffer's expert make-up advice!

Style Desi Eyes Perfectly With These Simple Tips and Tricks

Zeenat Jaffer

They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul, and this holds utmost truth especially when referring to desi women. Eyes and how they’re styled, play a very important role in a fashionistas overall appearance, and thus the important to learn how to enhance this feature perfectly. While the West may credit Kim Kardashian for introducing Kohl to the make-up world 10 years ago, we have always rocked the traditional surma, like none other. Then came the craze of winged eyeliners and dramatic eyes, adding to the oomph of every look. This again desi women have been rocking, ever since the days of Helen and “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja.”

But ofcourse, one thing to always keep in mind is that eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and so every look is styled differently.

The celebrities we work with understand the importance of the enhancing the eyes and they carry it off so amazingly! Kanika Kapoor, the queen of the melody, naturally has thick luscious eyelashes. So when working with her, I always do a light sweep of shadow over her eyes instead of an eyeliner and never false eyelashes. Topped with gold shadow, her look comes together to capture the perfect amount of glimmer and shine. It is essential for each of us to know what works and what doesn’t our eyes so that our make-up compliments our faces rather than weigh it down.

In an attempt to help you style your gorgeous eyes, I have highlighted some important things to keep in mind– from understanding what works for your eye shape to getting rid of those pesky under eye circles. Let’s begin!

Close Set Eyes vs Wide Set Eyes

The setting of the eyes describes the average space between your nose and the beginning of your eyes. If your eyes are wide-set, there is a larger gap whereas if your eyes are close-set, the gap is much smaller. The objective for both these routines is to use makeup tricks to reduce or increase this space.


For wide-set eyes, skip the highlighter and instead use a dark shadow on the inner corners of your eye. This works to draw emphasis to the middle and reduce the surface area. Contour the bridge of the nose to create definition and shadow between your nose and your eyes. Avoid shimmery eyeshadows as this only extenuates the space, and finally keep wings of your eyeliner short and upward facing. Skip the kajal under the eyes for a modern and fresh look.


For close-set eyes like Kareena Kapoor, you simply do the opposite! A big trick is to use highlighter or a light, shimmery shadow, to line in the inner corners of the eyes. Start your eyeliner at the centre of your eyes and extend them outward! Ladies with close-set eyes can pull off long extended horizontal wings. If you have a large lid, smoke out your eyeliner to create depth. Instead, if you are blessed with a smaller lid, cut your eyeliner with a heavy contrasting and bright colour right above it to create dimension.

Note: Zeenat Jaffer is a celebrity makeup artist, CEO of ZHaus Lifestyle, and educator who offers premium makeup artistry classes. She can be reached at or online at

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