Strings Speak About Keeping a Band Intact

Strings Speak About Keeping a Band Intact

The Strings duo comprising Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood shed light on their journey in the Pakistan Music Industry and Pak music culture
Strings Speak About Keeping a Band Intact

One of the oldest bands of the Pakistani music industry, Strings during an interview with a foreign media outlet, relayed that keeping any bad intact throughout life is a very big and tiring job. “First of all, let us just say we are extremely excited to be returning for another season. It is amazing to be a part of this platform through which we get to know so many new musicians. We won’t call it underground bands but this show helps us know what’s happening out there,” said the Strings duo, Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood.

Thinking back about their very own adventure in the Pakistani music industry, the “Dhaani” hit creators uncovered how they used to watch out for the groups that were popular some time ago. “When we were growing up, we knew everyone who was making music, who was trying to make it big, who was trying to go mainstream,” they said. “But the thing is, it has been so many years and there are so many new layers to Pakistani music that we weren’t aware of before. We perform on stage but we don’t really get to experience or consume this new music,” they added.

The previous Coke Studio makers included, “Our job is to listen to these new musicians and these new bands and we love it! We are really enjoying this process. But as veterans, as people who have spent over 30 years in this industry, there’s a certain sense of responsibility as well. Whatever we can pass on to newcomers will be a great exchange. Meeting the bands, getting to know them, learning from them – it’s a two-way street. They have open access to the judges at all times.”

The band proceeded to share how Pakistani music has been inadequate in band culture generally. “There was a wave that we have seen in the 2000s and the 90s. In early 90s, when we were starting out, there were so many bands like Vital Signs, Barbarian, Final Cut, Wet Metal, Jupitar, Milestone and others. That scenario is no more,” Strings remarked. “Of course, there are so many hurdles as well. Keeping a band intact is a huge, huge task. There’s no formula on how to do it. Bands break up the world over. It’s very difficult in Pakistan to leave everything and just focus on music. Hence, it becomes harder for musicians themselves to progress.”

Asked how “Battle of the bands” has changed their impression of groups by and large, the Duur crooners answered, “It hasn’t changed a lot. Every band has a signature sound which we don’t try to change. As far as how it has changed us as a band, there’s actually a lot going on right now. We have a new album and a new track coming out. We don’t feel we’re 30 years old.”

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