Stranger Things, The Crown, Peaky Blinders: Netflix Shows to Binge Watch
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Stranger Things, The Crown, Peaky Blinders: Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Here is a list of some of the must-watch television shows on Netflix which will turn out to be your binge-watching heaven.

Binge-watching is probably the best holiday gifts brought to us. Although it is a great online streaming platform for films that one would not find elsewhere, one of the greatest gifts of Netflix is bringing to us te television shows that we can watch one episode after another without having to wait one whole week for it otherwise. It is therefore imperative to discuss the top television shows that one can watch during the festive season while snuggling into the bed with your cat and a pizza that you got delivered just a while ago.
Here are some of the must-watch television shows on Netflix
1. Stranger Things

This is a story of teenagers who live in a small Indiana town in 1983. This is the era when science fiction has started inspiring and fascinating people. The central character Joyce’s 12-year-old son goes missing and in an attempt to find him she comes across mysterious happenings and a little girl exposing Joyce to ‘stranger things’ in life.
2. Line of Duty

The best part is that all five series are right there on Netflix within your reach. The British crime season is about a charming policeman who has to undergo an anti-corruption investigation when he refuses to cover the unlawful shootings by his team members. It was declared BBC’s best performing drama series in ten years.

3. The Good Place

This is not your usual happy-g-lucky television show as it discusses the afterlife. The good souls are sent to this good place after their death. With numerous interesting things happening there, the best part is that there are also people who were not good enough to be sent here for their deeds in life but end up landing here due to a mistake by the higher authorities.

4. The Crown

If you are a history student fascinated by the British Royal family, The Crown is the season for you. It starts with the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II nd husband Prince Phillips. The carefully researched and produced television show is not always authentic but mostly accurate when it comes to the history. Retelling history in an interesting way for the television show is the feat this season has mastered.

5. Peaky Blinders

Even Tom Cruise and David Bowie have been praising this television show. Based in the era of 1920s, this show certainly has something for everyone. It is a British crime drama set primarily in the post World War I about the Shelby crime family. This youth gang was active in the city from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

6. Russian Doll

This comedy series is about a young girl named Nadia who gets caught in a mysterious time loop. All set to attend a New York party, she repeatedly attends the same party and gets killed every night. The next morning Nadia wakes up unharmed.

7. Queer Eye

This American reality television series is about queer professionals from fashion, personal grooming, interior design, entertainment, and culture collectively known as the ‘Fab Five’. The show is about style, lifestyle advice and a makeover for heterosexual men. This show has also won an Emmy Award in 2004.

8. Orange Is the New Black

This is one of the most-watched original Netflix series, A naïve middle-class woman Piper has to serve 15 months sentence in a women’s jail. During this time, she comes across racially diverse and strong women who teach her a new and fierce perspective of life. This show challenges all the stereotypes that surround women behind the bars.
9. Gilmore Girls

This comedy show is about the relationship between a single mother and her teenage daughter. The two live in a fictional town and come across many interesting characters. This upper-middle-class family has its own problems to deal with.

10. Big Bang Theory

Last but not least, one can swear upon Netflix never to go wrong with this crazily successful television show of all time. Sheldon Cooper, the central character, is a scientist who thinks he is on the top of the world and also keeps bringing it to his friends every now and then. The comedy is there to stay with you and probably set you into periodic fits of laughter.

These television shows will always remain your best friends when it comes to spending a long holiday or simply unwinding on your couch after returning from work. From humor to suspense, these television shows on Netflix have a variety of emotions for you to choose your mood for the night. There are many more that keep showing up on Netflix on its ever-expanding library of television shows and films. Binge-watching has never been this convenient and hassle-free before.

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