Steps to Taking Care of Your Skin at the End of the Day

Steps to Taking Care of Your Skin at the End of the Day

Are you swamped with work and don’t have the time to make that appointment? You’re not alone but there’s help at hand

Eid holidays are over and it’s time to get back to the grind. After all the dressing up and late nights celebrating with friends and family over Eid, your skin will need a break. But of course, you’ll be swamped with work, with deadlines to meet and your meetings may take over your salon appointment slot. If you don’t have time to hit the spa but your skin needs some TLC, then you’re not alone! And so, here is exactly what you need! A homemade facial that won’t break the bank. Follow these easy steps for rejuvenated, fresh, glowing skin!

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Remove all the day’s dirt from your face! Don’t skip this step as it will rid your skin of all the impurities and oils that are clogging your pores. This creates a clean base for the following steps.


Exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells from your face. These dead skin cells tend to clog pores and in turn cause acne. While cleanser is not enough to get the gunk off your face, exfoliation helps to remove the excess dirt that lay deep within your skin. Just ensure that you aren’t pressing the exfoliating beads into your skin and are using just the right amount of pressure.


This is one step that you may find difficult to do at home but an essential step to open pores and soften the skin. It also enables increased blood circulation and gives skin a healthy glow. Grab a big bowl of boiling water, get a towel and get steamy. Pro tip: Practice safety work and don’t get burnt!

Face Mask

After completing steps one, two and three, it’s time to apply that face mask. You can opt for a tightening mask, moisturizing mask or a cleansing mask depending on what your skin needs. Customise as per your need and you’re good to go!


Toning is important! This allows you to close the pores which were opened in earlier steps and helps curtail acne. The right toner will reduce the appearance of pores on your face, will hydrate skin and combats pigmentation.


The last and final step to complete your facial is to moisturize. After completing all the steps, your skin will definitely be in dire need of hydration. Invest in a non-greasy but nourishing moisturizer that works well in the weather conditions you’re in. Massage well into skin in circular motions and your facial is complete!

While performing a facial on yourself at home can be time consuming, you’ll know exactly what your skin needs and you’ll end up saving money! So you can go and treat yourself to that lovely top you had your eyes on!

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