Star Sports Indo-Pak Cricket Ad: Here’s Why It’s Receiving Criticism
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Star Sports Indo-Pak Cricket Ad: Here’s Why It’s Receiving Criticism

The ad has been receiving flak on social media ever since it first aired

The Star Sports Indo-Pak cricket ad has been receiving a lot of criticism since it was aired online and on television screens. This “Mauka” advertisement propelled during the 2015 ICC World Cup has made a rebound this year, though with a Father's Day bend. India will play Pakistan on 16 June, which happens to be International Father's Day.

The ad garnered over 1.7 million YouTube views in just a day after its release on June 9 and is currently trending at number three spot on YouTube.

The 40-second TV ad is an expansion of the past 'Patake kab phodenge' battle, which included a dejected Pakistani fan and his child who never got a chance to use fireworks as Pakistan constantly lost to India.

However, the new advertisement includes the adult child being wished by a Bangladeshi fan for the up and coming Indo-Pak game. As the Pakistani fan recalls his dad's words on how one must continue attempting and ought to never surrender, the more tumultuous Indian fan adds with a joke 'maine aisa kab kaha' (I never said this), inferring India is really the 'father' out of which both the nations — Pakistan and Bangladesh — have been cut out.

The humor in the campaign has reverberated with fans on the web. While some fans love the Father's Day wind to the advertisement, numerous clients via web-based networking media stages have likewise transparently communicated their disappointment over its tone which conflicts with the soul of the game.

Some netizens enjoyed the ad but mostly it received a lot of jibes from Pakistanis all over the internet. Some sensible Indians who do not want to mix politics with sports also jumped on the criticism bandwagon.

Some users also tweeted humourous posts.

Watch the original ad here:

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