Star shape

Star shape

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Riya Sen

has just become Masala!'s poster girl for all-things diet! Go girl!

"I can't diet! As soon as I think of dieting, I start thinking of chocolates. But I'm into controlled eating. Every time I'm hungry during the day I eat. But I control the quantity. I'm not over-ambitious about my workouts. I hate the over-worked-out look in women. I believe Indian women look best when they're slightly voluptuous."

Can you believe it?

New Yorkers are raging over the rumour they may soon be forced to pay more for the full-sugar versions of their favourite canned fizzy drinks than the diet varieties, in a government bid to improve their general health!

Sleeping beauty

Good news for snorers! New research suggests that those of us who snore burn more calories than regular sleepers. The weight loss is down to the increased activity in a sufferer's nervous system, brought on by the noisy habit. And the heavier the snore, the more calories burned!

Family ties

Time to move out? Women who live under the same roof as their in-laws may increase the chances of developing heart disease threefold – due to the stress of having to fulfil multiple family roles.

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