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Star shape

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The Party Cycle

Talk about commitment. Aamir actor Rajeev Khandelwal has a unique, albeit sweaty, solution to offset the damage done by calorie laden party drinks. He cycles to parties and back. He says, "I prefer cycling to and back instead of driving my car. It's very difficult to hit the gym and exercise every day given our hectic schedules. But one does need to burn those extra calories and cycling is a great idea, except for the pollution factor. There are days when I've covered around 24 kilometres from my house to various places and back." A healthy way to party for sure, but not a great idea during the Dubai summers though!

Slip into a slimmer you

This December, indulge in the Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy Treatment at the Mandara Spa in the Monarch hotel. Minimise cellulite, boost circulation, and fit into that New Year's Eve dress you've had your eye on.

*Promotion: Six treatments (Dhs4,320) for Dhs3,250. Call 04 501 8888 for more info.

Treatment of the week

What? Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Mud Wrap

The Beautiful Times Salon, 04 3529966

How long? 75 mins

How much? Dhs145

The treatment:
It begins with a relaxing steam session that makes one's pores ready for detoxification. The sloughing away of dead skin cells with products high in minerals is invigorating. The scrubbing is followed by a shower and massage, after which you are covered in a warm Dead Sea mud wrap for about 30 minutes. Once cocooned in the wrap, a soothing head massage with essential oils is the next step.

The result: Supple, smooth and radiant skin.

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