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Brainy baby

It's a rather extreme way to boost your IQ, but scientists have discovered that having a baby can significantly enhance brain power. By ensuring the mother can cope with the demands of her little one, a lifelong improvement in mental agility occurs, along with increased protection against disease. We are guessing mother of triplets, Farah Khan, is positively bursting to do mental mathematics!

John, the Bod

The trailers of "Dostana" is blazing great guns on television right now and we gals at Masala! can't stop drooling over hunky John Abraham. Already possessing a buff bod, Johnny boy reportedly underwent stringent training with Hollywood trainers responsible for other ripped muscles like Brad Pitt's in "Fight Club" (down girl!). So why did John have to work so hard? Cause the movie is liberally sprinkled with shots of Johnny boy walking around in skimpy beachwear sigh! And before you deluge us with emails asking us for the release date the movie is out on November 13.

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