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Star shape

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Feverish Mallika

An 'all work and no play' lifestyle is taking its toll on Mallika Sherawat. During the shoot of Jennifer Lynch's Naagin the Snake Woman, Mallika fell ill due to fever and exhaustion. With a make-up session that lasts four hours each day and 12-hour-shooting days, it's no wonder that our outspoken 'pagli' needed some medical attention.

Powwer bhangra plus!

Designed for people with a tight schedule, this season's Powwer Bhangra class meets twice a week for 90-minute sessions and costs Dhs1,800 for 24 sessions or Dhs75 per class. Balle balle!

Contact 050 840 7679 or visit for more details.

Good habits keep you on track

Carole Holditch, nutritionist and founder of Good Habits, says that one of the keys to maintaining a healthy eating and exercise plan is to focus on changing bad habits – one at a time. She says, "It can take six to 12 weeks to implement and master one healthy habit in your life." So don't beat yourself up too much; focus instead, one step at a time.

Avon goes pink

The Avon ladies are joining hands with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of the Emirates and Dr Houriya Kazim this October to raise awareness and money for cancer research, by selling 'pink ribbon' cosmetic products.

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