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Star shape

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Lighten up girl!

Sonam Kapoor is chirpy like everyone else, but she gets quite prickly when someone asks her about her weight loss, pre-Saawariya when she dropped 30 kilos to be a svelte 56 kilos. She says, "I weighed 86 kgs and I agree that I lost almost 30 kgs later on but this is something I am done answering! I wonder why such a hue and cry is made out of this issue even today." Come on Sonam, you are our poster girl for healthy weight loss – don't get so cheesed off about it!

Yatra is our new mantra

We can't wait to get our hands on adidas's new collection, Yatra, for fall/winter. We hear adidas has launched savvy yoga apparel and accessories using lightweight breathable fabrics and materials to improve joint alignment and posture. Hurry up! Rumour has it that people are already queuing up to get their stretched-out hands on these.

* Available at leading sports stores

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