SRK Wishes Deepika Padukone Had Called Him to Watch Dilwale With her!
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SRK Wishes Deepika Padukone Had Called Him to Watch Dilwale With her!

The actor admits he hasn't seen his own film yet!

It was recently reported in an article in Pink Villa that Deepika Padukone watched her mentor, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale on Sunday night with four of her friends who had come down from Bangalore to spend some time with her.

When SRK found out about this, apparently he quipped that Dippy will be watching his film in the theatre before him! King Khan says in another Pink Villa article, “Deepika will be watching Dilwale before me in a theatre, I have not seen it yet. Wish she had called me to watch the film with her. I have been wanting to see Dilwale in the theatre and I would like to watch Bajirao Mastani, too, whenever I get the chance to. It goes without saying actually. Even Rohit (director Rohit Shetty) has not seen it.  He was going to a theatre but then we had some issues and he had to resolve that first so he had to come back. In the next two days even I will watch Dilwale in the theatre.”

King Khan reveals with a mischievous grin how he will watch Bajirao Mastani, he says "No, I will download it in USB which is more expensive than four tickets (laughs heartily). No, I am just joking. I think I will see it at home, going to a theatre even for Dilwale or Bajirao Mastani might create a bit of an issue, not that she (Deepika) would, guess I will have to go in a hoody...(laughs)."   

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