Sridevi Biopic: Will Madhuri Dixit Play Sridevi?

Boney Kapoor is apparently working on a film on Sridevi’s life and none other than Madhuri Dixit would be the only viable choice to play Sridevi
Sridevi Biopic: Will Madhuri Dixit Play Sridevi?
Sridevi and Madhuri


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Reportedly a film on the life of the inimitable Sridevi will be made by her husband Boney Kapoor. The question is, who will play Sridevi? Or rather, who would dare to play her?

According to the rumour mill, there is ample reason to believe that the chosen one would be none other than Madhuri Dixit.

A source very close to Boney says, “Really, if you look at the choices available to Boney, there is only Madhuri Dixit who has the stature grace, range and dancing abilities to play Sridevi. Also, Boney and his brother Anil have always been very closely associated with Madhuri ever since she worked with Anil in iconic films like Beta and Tezaab. Madhuri seems like the feasible fit to play Sridevi.”

Would Madhuri agree to play the iconic actress with whom she was perpetually compared during their heydays? Recently Madhuri stepped into a role –in Karan Johar’s Kalank—which was to be played by Sridevi before she died.

It is yet to be seen if Madhuri Dixit would agree to play Sridevi if the film gets made.

A close friend of the Kapoors says Sridevi would have never wanted a bio-pic to be made.

“And even if she had she would have wanted her daughter Janhvi to play Sridevi," says the source. "But Janhvi is too raw and too close to the tragic going of her mother to play her.”

Recently a film called Sridevi Bungalow was made and was promptly taken off the screens as a result of action taken by Boney Kapoor which allegedly depicted Sridevi’s tragic death by drowning. Understandably, Boney Kapoor and family would want to control how the late actress’ life is shown on the big screen.