Spoiler alert: None of the couples are still together from Indian Matchmaking show on Netflix
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Spoiler alert: None of the couples are still together from Indian Matchmaking show on Netflix

Matchmaker Sima Taparia shared the details in a recent interview

Indian Matchmaking is a new reality docu-series on Netflix about established matchmaker, Sima Taparia and 7 of her clients. In an interview the matchmaker from Mumbai has said none of the couples featured in the programme are still together.

The show has faced a degree of criticism since its release on Friday for reinforcing stereotypes and celebrating colourism. Some have disapproved of the ‘aunty gaze’ that is a prominent theme in the series. Giving out her ‘aunty’ style opinion to Conde Nast Traveller India, Sima said, “But who doesn’t want a fair, beautiful wife, you tell me?”

Talking about the failed matches from the show, Sima said, “It is all in the stars. Sometimes, I introduce two people and they know after one meeting that they are soulmates. And then I have clients who I have been trying to set up for more than five years and they still haven’t found the one. Typically, most matches are somewhere in the middle and people know after four or five meetings if they are compatible.

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Sima said matchmaking is very different from when she started in the business 15 years ago. “People have these dated views that arranged marriage is all about dowry. But now people place so much more importance on finding someone who is on the same wavelength, whether it is in terms of family background or education and also whether the bride and the groom have chemistry. This was not the case back in the day,” Sima explained.

The Netflix’s original series has faced backlash for the way women are reduced to a checklist, namely with ‘fair skin, a tall height and slim build’ being at the top of the list. “But no one gets a 100 percent of things on their checklist, not even millionaires,” Sima said. She also went on to say that in modern times, women are just as entitled to their checklist as men. “Women are educated and empowered so why shouldn’t they have as much of a say in who they marry. So many of the women I have been trying to match up have rejected the matches I presented them with because they don’t want to settle either,” she says.​

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