Spandana Palaypu: Making an Impact

Spandana Palaypu: Making an Impact

Founder & CEO, ZoEasy

There are four million blue-collar workers in the UAE (and two billion worldwide), many of whom are recruited by middlemen who prey on their financial desperation. Having taken loans to pay middlemen, the workers are trapped in far from ideal work conditions. Spandana Palaypu wanted to come up with a solution to educate such workers directly at the source and help them make informed decisions to avoid exploitation. Thus was born ZoEasy. ZoEasy provides job seekers with a fair idea of where they fit in the job market based on their skills, abilities and expectations; educating them about immigration, working conditions and cultural issues.

A business management graduate from Aberystwyth University, UK, and alumnus of Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth, Spandana is a social entrepreneur addressing gaps in the UAE market via disruptive technology. The platform she conceptualised, ZoEasy, educates and matches blue collar job seekers with best-fit validated employers in an ethical, transparent manner. Just 25, she has bagged several accolades already: Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, One Young World’s Global Enterprise for Peace Ambassador, winner of Lead 2030’s United Nations SDG 4 (Quality Education) Challenge, funded by Credit Suisse and winner of Expo 2020’s Innovation Impact Grant Challenge. 

She was awarded the Enterprise for Peace Scholarship by the Dutch (Netherlands) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ZoEasy has already made it to the list of Forbes 50 Startups to Watch, chosen from 22 countries. Spandana was chosen as one of nine social entrepreneurs to join Team Akon. ZoEasy will receive exclusive mentorship and support from the popular musician and humanitarian. Spandana believes in starting at the grassroots level to create a long-lasting and sustainable impact, so that blue collar workers are treated not as commodities but as human beings.

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