Spa Review: Natura Bisse Diamond Whitening Facial

Spa Review: Natura Bisse Diamond Whitening Facial

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated after this facial at The Spa at Address Downtown

What: Natura Bisse Diamond Whitening Facial

Where: Address Downtown, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd

Dry, dusty Dubai is certainly does not treat your skin too well.  Which is why despite healthy food, exercise and all the hard work you put in, a little help from a spa visit is also essential. Not to mention, the rejuvenation that spending an hour or two in a spa, is itself therapeutic.  The Spa at Address Downtown is one such zone that brings the instant ‘feel good’ factor. With relaxation rooms that face the Burj Khalifa, well-equipped treatment rooms and a long list of therapies for the mind and body, you certainly feel a lot calmer and more naturally beautiful after a session here.

I opted for the Diamond Whitening Facial aimed at restoring the lost sparkle and smoothness to the skin. It began with a cleansing, toning and exfoliating routine, which in this case, was a glyco-peel that resulted in a strong tingling sensation – especially in areas where the pH balance was low. But that was no cause for worry, my therapist assured. It was only an indication of the areas that needed balance!  A chemical peel with 25 per cent acid, the peel acts as an instant skin booster and exfoliator. The peel was applied only for a few seconds before it was removed. This was followed by a nice, deep massage with a moisturizer mixed with some oils. Massage over, it was time for a cooling whitening mask from Natura Bisse the removal of which, was followed by the application of another moisturizer.

The entire procedure took almost an hour with a lovely head and shoulder massage thrown in while the mask dried up.

But one facial does not give you the perfect result. While my facial skin certainly felt supple and looked great, a follow up is essential, along with some usage of products at home. Thankfully stocking up on a range of products such as the cleanser, clarity toning lotion, glycol-peel, diamond white glowing mask and even eye cream and serum (to be applied before a facial) means you can actually do this at home too at times. Moreover this facial works even if you have breakouts or acne. Follow this routine once a month; your skin will thank you for it!

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