South Asian Culture: A Muse For International Fashion Designers?

South Asian Culture: A Muse For International Fashion Designers?

Check out how South Asian fashion has had a global influence on designers
South Asian Culture: A Muse For International Fashion Designers?

Subcontinent’s rich culture has caught global attention long time ago. The international fashion designers have long been in love with and constantly been influenced from South Asian culture. A definitive source of inspiration, these iconic brands take cue from subcontinent culture and put forth something unique on their fashion platform. Here we take a look at how staple items in Subcontinent have become fashion buzzwords on the international runways.


Recently, for its Fall 2018 collection at the Milan Fashion Week, Gucci introduced models on the ramp wearing various headgear accessories, out of which turban was one. As much as it received accolades, it has also received flaks from Sikh community as turbans symbolizes their religious significance.

Pakistani/Peshawari Chappal:

Named the ‘Robert Sandal’with a hefty price tag of £300.00, British designer Paul Smith ‘designed’ a sandal that pretty much looked exactly the same as a Peshawari chappal. Even Christine loubartin taking inspiration from peshawari chappal, came up with their version naming it “Imran” after his friend from Pakistan contemporary artist Imran Qureshi.

Dress Over Pants:

Christine Dior came up with dress over pants style that had an uncanny resemblance with subcontinents shalwar qameez style. Emma Watson even wore the same style floor length gown to Golden Globe awards and Kendall Jenner can be seen wearing the same in all white and looking effortlessly chic.

Sindhi/Ajrak Print:

Forever 21 also took inspiration particularly from the province of Sindh. This high street brand came out with various clothing pieces incorporating the ajrak print. While retail brand Top Shop also introduced crop-tops incorporating traditional mirror work that resembles the Sindhi gaj. Similarly, Gucci created this duhri-style dress which definitely has some Sindhi inspiration.

Pakistani National Dress:

Men’s fashion isn’t too far behind, Italian designer Donatella Versace’s latest collection for men Spring/Summer 2016 seems inspired by Pakistan’s national dress. Versace’s attempts to play with lengths, layers and proportions had a strong resemblance to our national dress.

Witnessing truck art on international fashion and beauty platform is nothing but sheer joy and pride. SouthAsian culture has been long muse to international fashion. The sheer amount of diversity and influences that designers can draw from every region is immense, and no other country can come close to it.