South Asian Artists and Why They Are Trending on Twitter

South Asian Artists and Why They Are Trending on Twitter

South Asian artists are sharing their work on twitter and trending right now. Here’s why
South Asian Artists and Why They Are Trending on Twitter

#SouthAsianArtists is one of the top trends on Twitter at the moment. Although the person who started it had no idea it would make this big, right now this trend is all over Twitter. South Asian artists based in all parts of the world have been actively sharing their work with the public. This also includes many artists who are not trained and do this work just as a hobby. On the other hand, there are also some amazingly talented artists who have not only acquired a formal qualification but also have worked for some of the biggest names in the world.

Here are some of the most amazing South Asian artists who participated in the trend. One must remember, however, that there are many others and those outlined below are just a few.

Anoosha Syed is striving to enhance the desi representation in mainstream media. She has worked with many famous clients like Disney Jr, Google, and Random House among others.

Adila has turned her passion for fabric painting into a business. Her hand-painted saris are popular among the masses already.

Haricha is a British Indian artist who also travels to Seoul from time to time. Her work reflects her experiences.

Senna ‘s work revolves around exploring her own identity and the strength of Pakistani women through History. Senna’s work is also unique because of the use of Urdu language in all her drawings.

Reem Khurshid is an occasional digital illustrator and editorial cartoonist.

Digink, a digital artist, is trying to mainstream South Asian culture through pop art.

Shehzil is a feminist Pakistani illustrator whose work revolves around women and their underrated strength.

Abeer Kasiri’s digital art presents the Pakistani version of the Disney princesses.

Michlie, a Pakistani artist, loves fashion and drawing Bharatnatyam dancers.

Leena Ghani, the esteemed makeup artist from Pakistan, is basically a painter who has also done her masters in drawing. The otherwise shy Leena got the opportunity to share her work through this hashtag.

Bushra is a Bengali American artist working to bring her culture in the mainstream.

Umair is working on a comic book of local superheroes.

Randeep Khatri is an Indian story artist who has many talents. The versatile artist is a narrative designer, writer, comic artist, and a lot more.

Rizwan Shafiq has worked on Mr Bean: The Animated Series.

Faiyaz is a photographer from Singapore of Indian and Sri Lankan descent

Danish is a self-taught artist from Peshawar.

This self-taught illustrator loves working with the pen

This Bangladeshi animation student based in Toronto is just too good.

Ishaa Lobo an Indian illustrator was just as great.

Zara’s Comics from Maldives makes a poignant comic with her talent:

More artists shared inspiring photographs and the internet loved it.

This trend has not only showcased the amazing artwork on social media but has also brought joy to many people who follow art. In times like these when the region is not undergoing its best time, art on the timelines is certainly a treat to look at. People took social media to express their joy for the work of art shared by South Asian artists all over the world.

Leena thinks that her heart will explode with love.

Apoorva has only love for people talking about this trend.

According to Aishwarya, timezone presents issues in making the things work at times but she was glad that the hashtag picked trend.

People are, indeed, very talented.

The artists mentioned above are very few among the ones who have come forward and shared their work with the world. All these people are playing an important role in breaking the stereotypes about South Asians. While the Western world has rarely seen South Asian culture becoming a part of the mainstream media, these artists are playing their part in making the desi diaspora a part of the bigger picture. Not only have they broken the general misconceptions about them but have also proven that they are no less than any international artist. No wonder why some of these artists have broken the stereotypes.