How to Survive the Dubai Summer

How to Survive the Dubai Summer

Some no-sweat ways to cool off this summer

The mercury levels in Dubai are soaring with temperatures as high as 45 degrees in the daytime and Dubai residents are heading indoors to escape the scorching summer heat. However, the heat and the humidity in this part of the world are an inescapable reality and we give you some of our fun and functional tips to survive the Dubai summer.

1) Protect your skin and hair 

The worst victims of the sun's harmful rays are the skin and hair which become extremely dry and dehydrated due to heat as well as constant airconditionining. The best way to keep summer woes at bay is to use generous amounts of sunblock and hair sun-protection spray. Also, this is the best time to pamper yourself with some skin-nourishing facials and deep conditioning hair treatments to banish the beauty blues.

2) Hydrate...and then some more

Fluids are your best friends in this sveltering heat and loading up on coconut water or green tea in addition to plain old water can help keep your energy levels up.

3) Switch to a Mediterranean diet

Make sure you load up on Greek yoghurt, berries and a whole bunch of fresh veggies. If you want to feel good, steer clear of salty, oily and spicy dishes that will mess up your digestive system and bloat your body. 

4) Stay active

Being able to literally live on the beach and swim a whole lot is a major summer highlight. Additionally, there are a whole lot of yoga classes as well as indoor sports facilities like Fit Republik which hold classes in summer to ensure you look your best when you hit the beach.

5) Embrace the heat in style

Another summer must is to ensure that you wear the right fabrics like cotton and dri-fit sports wear and steer clear of silk, polyester, leather and nylon. Also, go shopping for the right sunhat, beach accessories and the perfect UVA and UVB protection sunglasses to protect your eyes from damage caused by the harsh and damaging rays of the sun.

6) Home remedies to the rescue

The summer brings with it a host of heat boils, rashes, sun burns and even nasty heat strokes for some. Cool down with some fresh-pressed juices or use aloe vera or the gel from the House Leek plant to heal skin faster.

7) Whip up a treat

Try some healthy cooking techniques like grlling and give icecreams a miss this year. Treat yourself to a sorbet, smoothie or frozen yoghurt maker and whisk away to surpirse loved ones with some fresh fruit concoctions.

8) Experience winter from your armchair

Watching a marathon television series or reading a refreshing book like The Call of The Wild can help take your mind off the heat.

9) Have a snowball fight in the desert

This is the perfect time to pretend you're in the Swiss Alps as you ski down Dubai's revolutionary indoor snow park at Ski Dubai.

10) Declutter and rediscover Zen with your interiors

Spring cleaning is good but summer comes with its own set of challenges like a house which is full of pesky summer bugs. Keep them at bay by hiring professionals to give your house and particularly filthy AC filters a new lease of life. This will protect you and your family from respiratory conditions and flu caused by the high levels of humidity. When thinking about picking up stuff for the house, aim to keeping the look minimlaistic. It would be fun to incoporate some refreshing aroma burners, tea lights or just plain candles to elevate the mood.

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