Sorry Girls, Aryan Khan WON’T Be an Actor
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Sorry Girls, Aryan Khan WON’T Be an Actor

Shah Rukh Khan’s son has some other plans in showbiz. Find out what they are

Even before he has done his first official photoshoot or signed an ad or movie, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aaryan is touted to be a star. He is hugely popular among the millennials and of course, being the son of the biggest superstar of the country, he gets attention wherever he goes. However, if you have been eagerly waiting for news about Aryan’s debut, you may be in for disappointment. Shah Rukh Khan has just confirmed that his son Aryan Khan will never step into his shoes as a hero. Aryan prefers to be a director instead.

There were lots of rumours going around that Shah Rukh Khan's eldest son was not prepared to shoulder the massive responsibility that comes with being the son of a superstar. It was also rumoured that Aryan had previously walked out of a film which was planned with him in the lead. However, the star of the family appears to be his sister Suhana. Last year, we saw Shah Rukh Khan shifting gears and helping Suhana prep up for a Bollywood role. The Khan family backed her up during her exposure to the media and she even graced the Vogue cover.  The young aspiring actress is reportedly doing a short film which is under production.

Shah Rukh said that Aryan wants to become a director, and he’s training for it in the US.  “Aryan doesn't want to be an actor, he wants to make films, become a director and is training for it in the US,” Shah Rukh told Mumbai Mirror. King Khan also clarified that Aryan not wanting to step into films is hardly an issue. “Gauri and I never told our kids that they have to grow up to be actors. People around would say handsome hai, tall hai, body achcha hai, but if looks were a criterion, I’d never have been an actor,” Shah Rukh added.

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