Sorceress Mallika Freezes in China
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Sorceress Mallika Freezes in China

The actress is filming for an international house

Mallika Sherawat who has not been seen in Bollywood for a while is busy shooting for Hong Kong director Daniel Lee’s Lost Tomb in the sub-zero temperatures of China. In an article in Mumbai Mirror, the actress tells us how she bagged the role. "It's a $50 million international production based on a Chinese bestseller with a great cast, amazing special effects and awe-inspiring action. They came to me a few months ago and I couldn't say "no" to the thrill of playing a sorceress. I just didn't know I would freeze though the Chinese have been most sympathetic. There's a lot of curiosity about Bollywood in China. I'm constantly being asked if besides naach gaana we try Kung Fu in our films too," she is happy to reveal to Mumbai Mirror from China.


“I've never played a role like this before. It's a decent part with a good amount of screen time. The tomb is the last obstacle for the conquerors and the angry sorceress doesn't make it easy for them. She flies off into the air, tries to thwart them with Kung Fu and Tai Konda mixed in with yoga, throws lots of rocks in their path," she informs.


The actress says that it was Jackie Chan who suggested her name for the film. "In fact, it was Jackie who recommended my name to Lee," she says. The actress made an appearance in Chan's 2005 film, The Myth, which marked her debut on the global stage.


Regarding her roles in Hindi films Mallika insists that while there are a lot of glam roles coming her way, she's more interested in working with young, upcoming directors who will take her out of her comfort zone and help her re-invent herself as an actress..

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