Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Dog Passes Away in an Accident

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Dog Passes Away in an Accident

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' dog Waldo died in a freak road accident that took place last week. The couple reportedly had to seek therapy afterwards.

Power couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were struck by tragedy when their dog passed away recently. Their dog, Waldo Picasso, was hit by a car in New York City earlier this week, according to reports. The accident had taken place on the Lower East Side of Manhattan when the dog broke free from his leash after being freaked by a pedestrian passing by. Waldo ran straight into the street after breaking free from his leash and was struck by the car instantly. Sources familiar with the incident relayed that the dog walker regretted the mishap that took place. “It was a freak accident,” they said.

The incident was apparently reported to the New York Police Department two days after the accident occurred, as Joe and Sophie were going through a tough time and had to seek therapy to cope with the sudden death of Waldo. The couple, who recently tied the knot in France, are extremely fond of dogs. They have another dog named Porky who is Waldo’s brother. Joe had gifted Porky as a surprise to Sophie before later adopting Waldo.

In an earlier interview, Joe had spoken about the dogs and how attached he and Sophie are to them, terming them as a part of their small family. “They live a fabulous life. Porky and Waldo have already travelled to France, England, Canada, Amsterdam and all over America. They have probably traveled more than most of my friends,” he said. Both the dogs were quite famous on social media and attracted many fans and followers. Porky and Waldo both have their separate Instagram accounts with 145,000 and 45,200 followers respectively.