Sooraj Pancholi Finally Opens Up About the Aditya-Kangana Affair!

Here's what he has to say about the whole fiasco
Sooraj Pancholi Finally Opens Up About the Aditya-Kangana Affair!

Following Kangana Ranaut’s explosive interviews where she brought to light disturbing details of her past relationships, the industry has been abuzz with everyone having something to say about her shocking revelations. While some supported the actress, others slammed her for using it as a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming film, Simran.

In her interviews, Kangana blatantly accused Aditya Pancholi for physical abuse and for forcefully holding her under house arrest. She also revealed how she got no help from his family when she chose to approach them. All through these allegations and counter allegations, the Pancholi family chose to maintain silence, but that was only until yesterday.

For the first time since the outburst, Aditya’s wife, Zarina came forward, slamming Kangana for her interviews, speaking in total support for her husband. Soon after Zarina came forward with her side of the story, Kangana’s sister aka her biggest supporter, Rangoli posted a series of tweets, shaming Pancholi’s wife, calling her ‘evil’ for her comments toward the actress.

Now, Aditya’s son, Sooraj Pancholi has also decided to speak up about the incident. In a heartfelt conversation, the actor revealed to Spotboye, how the Kangana- Aditya affair devastated his family. Speaking about the affair, he said, “I was only 14-years old when it happened. I didn't have the samajh, but my mom (Zarina Wahab) did. And it was definitely not a good time."

Now that Sooraj has spoken too, we wonder who's next!