The Latest on Sonu Nigam: The Singer Shaves His Head

The Latest on Sonu Nigam: The Singer Shaves His Head

Sonu’s response to the call on his head by a religious figure following his controversial tweets
The Latest on Sonu Nigam: The Singer Shaves His Head

In the last few days, Sonu Nigam landed himself in a huge controversy when he tweeted about being woken up by early morning prayers and questioned on why it should be said out loud instead of privately. It led to a barrage of criticism and even a fatwa with a religious figure announcing a bounty of Rs 10 lakh to anyone who shaves Sonu’s head and places a garland of torn shoes around his neck. The Maulavi even insisted that Sonu be driven out of the country on the basis of intolerance against other religions. 

A miffed Sonu himself took up the challenge and tweeted early this morning that his trusted friend and hair dresser Aalim Hakim would be shaving his (Sonu’s) head and even invited the media to witness it.

The singer kept his word. A short while ago, in a crowded press conference, Sonu walked in and explained his stance. He said his tweet wasn’t against any religion but was against noise pollution caused by loudspeakers. Shortly after an interaction with journalists at his Juhu residence, the singer delivered on his promise and shaved his head.

Sonu’s stand has divided Bollywood and the country. While he has been trolled relentlessly, there have been others who have supported him as well. With some saying Sonu’s tweet was merely a publicity stunt and derogatory, others from the industry like Shaan and Sona Mohapatra have come out to support the singer saying it’s a free country and everyone has a right to their opinion. Woah, we’re sure no one saw that coming! We wonder what new turn this issue will take now that Sonu answered to the strange challenge.

On a lighter note, many mistook Sonu Nigam for Sonu Sood and tweeted on the latters page with angry sentiments. Sonu Sood woke up to having no clue of what he had done to gather such trouble!

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