Shocking! Sonu Nigam QUITS Twitter

The singer explains his exit in a series of tweets. Check them out here!
Shocking! Sonu Nigam QUITS Twitter

Sonu Nigam

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Following singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s exit from twitter-sphere after his account was suspended, Sonu Nigam has now decided to leave twitter too, claiming that the platform has ‘no balance’. Abhijeet’s account was suspended on the basis of him passing sexist and offensive remarks, and this apparently miffed Sonu who thought the allegation was baseless and one-sided.

Last month, Sonu was in the eye of a twitter storm himself after he made comments on his sleep being disturbed by Azaan. He found his share of supporters and detractors and the controversy continues to this day. Apparently, now the singer has decided he has had enough with the medium after Abhijeet's account was suspended. The latter has often angered people with his obnoxious and downright vulgar tweets targeted at those who don't share his political viewpoint. But his suspension has again divided twitter with his fans trending #istandwithabhijeet and #boycotttwitter while others were happy that the foul-mouthed singer has been shown his place. Well, for now, Sonu Nigam has decided to leave the platform in solidarity with his fellow playback singer. He announced his grand exit in a series of 24 tweets earlier this morning (24 May, 2017), and might we add, he politely asked Twitterati and the press to take screenshots of his tweets, thus giving us something to remember his social media presence by. Here they are:

Sonu's tweet explains his unhappiness about Abhijeet's account being suspended

Now that the singer has bid adieu to his 6.4M followers, we have to wait and watch what other b-towners have to say about his exit. Do you think it was justified or unwanted?

Meanwhile, here is Sonu Nigam's good friend and staunch supporter, Emirati singer Adel Farooq's defence of the singer in an interview to Masala!