Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif. Who is Bollywood's Most Desirable Woman?

Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif. Who is Bollywood's Most Desirable Woman?

A shout out to all the single ladies!
Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif. Who is Bollywood's Most Desirable Woman?


She’s smart, she’s fun and she’s successful. The gorgeous Sonam Kapoor has been single for a long while now. At least that’s what she claims though the tabloids have been linking her to a certain Anand Ahuja, an entrepreneur. Anand who?, you may ask Sonam but the Neerja actress won’t tell for she is one of the many diplomatic queens of Bollywood who zips up when asked to reveal their love lives. Sonam’s most desirable quality, aside from her gorgeous looks, is her chutzpah and spunk. She is candid, gives honest opinions (even if it ruffles feathers every now and then) so be prepared for some no-holds-barred conversations. She may come across as high maintenance but make no mistake, she isn’t the kind to depend on a man to get her her Guccis and Pradas! Sonam is also extremely well-informed and a social media darling, so if you dream of dating her, be ready to share her with her Instagram and Twitter accounts!  An independent woman, Sonam is extremely vocal when it comes to issues close to her heart and isn’t afraid to fight for what she thinks is right. She has admitted she wants a guy who talks beyond films so be rest assured: Ms Kapoor isn’t going to be swayed by looks or star status alone! She is very much the girl of today, stylish, ambitious yet knows how to have fun. If that doesn’t make her desirable, what does?


The perfect woman. Priyanka has reached heights in her career that few women (or even men) can dream of. This lady is made of steel, she knows what she wants and how to get them. But as she has admitted, she is a girl’s girl and loves to be pampered. Who can forget her twirl and her coquettish flirting with Tom Hiddlestone at the Emmys!

She is a witty and intelligent woman who is also an excellent conversationalist so she would make for a fantastic date. Watch her interviews to know how smart she is and how she comes up with witty repartees to even the most mundane questions!

Of course, the man who woos her now has to be someone who is extremely successful, secure and match up to her high standards – a tough task! But she is a prize catch and how! Priyanka is a self-made woman, she values hard work and discipline, and is likely to look for a man who mirrors these qualities. Priyanka is single probably because she is too busy working and making a name for herself in Hollywood. But the man who finally wins her heart, will be someone who is really special.    


The good news? Katrina Kaif is single. The bad news? She may not be interested in losing her single status too soon. Katrina has been in  two rather high-profile relationships – with Salman and Ranbir and it must take a special girl indeed to win the hearts of two of the most eligible bachelors in T’town! What’s more, she is on great terms with her exes which says a lot about the way she conducts her relationships.

Kat is achingly beautiful and equally hardworking. The way she has built her career and reached the top in Bollywood practically on her own is inspiring in itself. What’s more, unlike a lot of other stars, she prefers to keep her private life private and doesn’t open it to media scrutiny. She is also a girl who believes in bonding with her man’s family. When she was with Salman, she was seen bonding with his family quite often and she did make an attempt to get close to the Kapoors as well. A stunner who is the fantasy woman for millions of fans but is at heart, a simple, family girl – can it get better than that?


Jacqueline is sugar and spice and all things nice. She is Miss Sunshine whose chirpy disposition is infectious. Jacqueline is delightfully single though she has had her share of link-ups from a royal family member of Bahrain to Arjun Kapoor. But the Dishoom girl laughs off every rumour. A date with Jacqueline is likely to be an evening of unlimited laughter and fun. She is the kind of girl who lights up a party though she can be quite serious and deep when she wants to. Jacqueline is another example of an actress making it in Bollywood without any sugar daddy though she rarely dwells on that fact. Her feminine charm is attractive to say the least, and she gives the vibe of someone you’d want to protect. Sexy, stylish and cute, Jacky is one hell of a package. Wonder who will be the prince who finally wins her heart!


How can any list be complete without Queen Bee Deepika? Agreed, technically, she isn’t single considering she has been linked with Ranveer Singh but hey, when has she admitted to being in a relationship? Jaw dropping beauty and awe-inspiring brains make for a complete package. Deepika is a charmer from the word go, she doesn’t even have to make an effort towards impressing men. All she has to do is to smile and battle her eyelashes and see the effect it has on the world! If you don’t believe us, just ask her Hollywood co-star Vin Diesel with who she’s been posing in a rather lovey-dovey way! Her achievements, quite like that of Priyanka, are astounding. So it would take a strong, successful man to sweep her off her feet. But Deepika’s beauty is much more than skin deep. Her work for the cause of creating awareness about depression, for instance, has made her a true role model for women. It also shows how she’s willing to go way beyond her brief as an actress and instead, become an icon. Quite a tough task to match up to, isn’t it!