Sonali Bendre comforts Indian Idol contestant
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Sonali Bendre comforts Indian Idol contestant

Sobbing Tullika gets a warm hug

It is good to have a woman supporter especially for the girls on the reality show "Indian Idol".

Sonali Bendre, one of the four judges on the show, has been offering her support to the girl contestants and is always urging them on. She is particularly vocal in her support for Shini Kalvint, the only married girl on the show. Perhaps, her own marital status helps her see Shini's position in a different light.

Sonali's protective instinct will soon be seen in an episode in which she'll get up and walk to Tullika and put her arms around the sobbing contestant.

It will be a particularly trying evening for Tullika when first her best friend Mohit is in the danger zone and then later her friend Priyanka says she has switched loyalties to others.

Comforting words from Sonali and a warm hug from Priyanka and all gets well with Tullika's world.

Catch this episode of Indian Idol this Friday, December 12, at 9.00pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

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