Sonakshi Sinha Orders Bose Headphones, Receives JUNK

Find out why Sonakshi Sinha is such an angry customer right now!
Sonakshi Sinha Orders Bose Headphones, Receives JUNK
Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha ordered a pair of Bose headphones from Amazon India. But what turned up at her door-step, was just a pair of junk. An angry Sonakshi was stupefied on opening the packet which was neatly packed from the outside. When she found the piece of junk inside the packet, she immediately called the customer care centre of Amazon but to no avail. The customer care centre refused to help her and acknowledge that she has received junk instead of headphones.

Finally, with no other solution in sight, Sonakshi Sinha tweeted to Amazon with a photo of her parcel. Here is the tweet.

Interestingly, the Amazon executive wanted to converse with her directly to address her concerns. If this was not enough punishment, they forwarded a website link to register her complaint formally.

Needless to say that the above tweet quickly went viral because this is a standard complaint for many customers in India that they receive substandard products from Amazon after ordering online. Receiving bricks instead of mobile phones and junk instead of electronic good is actually not a rare occurrence. Amazon hasn't responded to Sonakshi's tweets after that and we now hear that she will be refunded for the product.

As if being refunded is the ideal solution for us, the customers. What say, Sona!