Sonakshi Sinha on Body Shaming Comments: ‘How Do People Say Such Things?’
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Sonakshi Sinha on Body Shaming Comments: ‘How Do People Say Such Things?’

Sonakshi Sinha opens up about the negative comments she receives about her weight and looks on the internet and how she deals with them

Sonakshi Sinha has always received extreme reactions on the internet. When she was making waves in Bollywood after back to back hits like Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, Son of Sardaar etc., she was the internet’s darling but there was always a segment who used to target her for her looks. Now, Sonakshi, who will be seen in Karan Johar’s Kalank next, has opened up about the intense body shaming she receives in cyberspace. But while the actress used to get hassled and affected by all the negative comments of people calling her overweight, she has realised that those remarks shouldn’t affect her inner strength.

Sonakshi said that she used to get very angry when random people used to comment on her weight and get away with it on social media. She was quoted as saying in an interview to Arbaaz Khan for his show, “Earlier, I used to read it and used to think how do people get themselves to say things like that because if you cannot say such things in front of someone how do you get the strength to say such things online? Koi aakar muje ye samne bole mai do mukke na de dun usko.

Then, over the years, she worked on her body and improved her fitness levels. But despite looking her best, people still didn't let go of any opportunity to body shame her.
She went on to talk about her weight loss journey and said, “I did Dabangg in 2010; you had seen me before that also and I was very, very big, I was unhealthy and unfit. I lost 30 kgs to do your film and still people found words to say about me, about my shape and about how I looked.”

On being asked about how she deals with online criticism, Sonakshi said, “We work really hard throughout the day. We don’t need this extra negativity. So that’s when I feel like, let’s not read the comments or go on Twitter. Let’s just concentrate on our work, be happy and lead a positive life. Block is my favourite button on social media,” she added.

Here is the video of Sonakshi Sinha saying all these to Arbaaz Khan.

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