Sonakshi Sinha Cheating Case: Actress Lashes Out at 'false and manipulated' facts
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Sonakshi Sinha Cheating Case: Actress Lashes Out at 'false and manipulated' facts

An FIR against Sonakshi Sinha was filed by event organizers because she failed to show up at an event and cost the organizers heavily

An event organizer filed an FIR against Sonakshi Sinha for cheating the organizers by failing to show up at the event.

According to Sonakshi Sinha, the organisers did not pay her the full amount for her appearance as agreed. A few weeks earlier, Malaika Arora Khan also did not take a flight because she was not paid in full as was agreed with the organisers.

According to both Malaika and Sonakshi, as is the case with most Bollywood celebrities, it is difficult to run behind organisers once the event is over. There have been several cases when the organisers have chosen not to pay celebrities after their event got over.

"Most organisers do not repeat celebrities for several years, so it doesn't matter to them if the celebrity vows not to work with them anymore. On the other hand, the organiser saves quite a bit of money if he or she chooses not to reimburse the celebrity in full," said a source close to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi has now released a statement saying that it is exactly the case and she chose not to perform there because her remuneration was not paid in full as was agreed earlier.

The statement was issued by Sonakshi's PR team.

"Sonakshi was approached by the event organizers in Delhi to attend an event. However, despite repeated reminders, the organizer failed make the payments to Sonakshi before the event as contracted. The tickets to Delhi were not in order/as were agreed, the organiser also didn’t send return tickets for Sonakshi and her team, despite knowing that she had a shoot the next morning after the event. This put everyone in a tough spot. Several attempts were made to contact the organiser requesting them to make the contracted payments and send the tickets, however they remained incommunicado and didn’t live up to their end of the bargain. Due to a lack of commitment by the organiser, Sonakshi and her team were left with no choice but to return home from Mumbai airport. Ever since that day, Sonakshi’s management agency has been trying to reach out to the organiser to find an amicable solution to the extent of offering an alternate date and tried to connect but to no avail. The organizer is now using the media to release false and manipulated facts. If the organiser doesn’t stop at this, Sonakshi and her team will be forced to take a legal course of action to set this straight. We request media to not let anyone use their platform without looking into the facts.”

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