'I Won't Be Fake': Alia Bhatt
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'I Won't Be Fake': Alia Bhatt

Following her dad's footsteps?

Alia Bhatt is known to be the actress who, much like her father, would never mince her words. While talking about her family recently, she said, "We are real people and believe in saying exactly what we feel. I may not be as frank as dad but something I won't do is be fake. That's something that runs in our family."

Getting to the point, whe she was questioned about her relationship with Siddharth Malhotra all she said was that people could speculate all they want and it doesn't worry her! Why let rumors circulate if she isn't afraid of calling a spade a spade?? Her dad has never hidden his relationships nor has her older half sister Pooja Bhatt!

Let's see if Alia sticks to this family trait or not..

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