Sleep and Why 8 Hours Of It a Day Is Important

Sleep and Why 8 Hours Of It a Day Is Important

Sleep is important. Our bodies are programmed to clock off at different times of the day

We’ve always been told that we need eight hours of sleep in order to be properly rested. Turns out, this may not actually be the case. Taking a nap, or craving sleep in the middle of the day is also completely normal sleep experts claim. Our bodies are programmed to clock off at various times of the day because we don’t just need eight hours of sleep.

“The idea of getting those eight hours comes from the Labour moment in the UK in the early 19th century,” specialist sleep physician Dr David Cunnington said while speaking to Mail Online. The slogan, 'Eight hours' labour, eight hours' recreation, eight hours' rest’, coined by labour rights activist Robert Owen in 1817 became the goal in western society.

This rule however, places pressure on people to only sleep for eight hours at night.

“We criticise millennials for being lazy but many of them are moving toward that freelancer way of living rather than salary working,” Dr Cunnington said, adding that, “And that means they can allocate time across their day for work, play and sleep and therefore be more productive in whatever role they have.”

While there are some places in Southern Europe where they sleep twice a day, most industries and countries follow the eight-hour margin; which has made us believe that we should only be sleeping for eight hours. We are designed to sleep in cycles of 60 minutes to 120 minutes before coming up to surface. Older people will find that they wake up more often as they are no longer going through a full working day as they may have been when they were younger. As you age, the amount of sleep you actually require decreases. While newborns are recommended to sleep between 14 and 17 hours, this slowly decreases as you age and enter the workforce. Working adults should be sleeping an average of 7-9 hours.

So if you didn’t get your hours last night, tell your boss you’re going for that mid-afternoon snooze!

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