Skin Care in Dubai: 5 Reasons to Add Aloe Vera to Your Routine

Skin Care in Dubai: 5 Reasons to Add Aloe Vera to Your Routine

Skincare in Dubai is quite a task due to the extreme weather conditions that can totally wreak havoc on your skin - but aloe vera can help!

Everyone wants to know how to get good skin care in Dubai. Worry not for we have a cheap and easy way to help you figure out how to do this. Aloe vera is one of the most widely used herbal remedies for the skin. Its gel-like components are known to have healing qualities and can heal the skin from a variety of skin ailments. It is popularly used for sunburns, small abrasions and minor cuts.

While it may be news to you, aloe very can effectively be used on your face and have several benefits when applied correctly. So here, we rounded up 5 benefits of using this plant in your beauty regimen.

1. Moisturises skin

Aloe vera is ideal if you have dry, flakey skin. The moisture content in the plant helps skin stay hydrated in every season. It is suitable for every skin type and will soothe and nourish your skin without causing it any irritation.

2. Fights ageing

The gel found inside the leaves of this plant contains collagen-boosting properties and helps fight the signs of ageing, keeping the skin young and supple. Apply aloe vera gel on a regular basis to reduce dark circles, prevent fine lines and give you that natural glow you’ve always wanted.

3. Soothes sunburn

With summer in full swing, you may have been out on a hot day and suffered from sun burn. Aloe vera is the perfect solution for this. Use the gel from the aloe leaf and massage it all over the sun burnt area. The antioxidants in aloe heal damaged skin and provide relief instantly.

4. Treats acne

Aloe vera is jam-packed with antioxidants and encompasses healing properties. Mix some aloe vera gel with blended walnuts and honey to form a paste and apply to the acne-affected area. Repeat regularly to see results!

5. Fights free radicals

Free radicals cause major damage when they come in contact with skin. Antioxidants present in aloe vera, including Vitamins C and E are a natural way to fight these free radicals. So grab some aloe and apply because this plant will very soon become your best friend.