Singer Hariharan Talks About 'Chappa Chappa...' , The Coronavirus Track

Singer Hariharan Talks About 'Chappa Chappa...' , The Coronavirus Track

Noted ghazal and playback singer Hariharan talks about the song that he and a group of vocalists recorded to stop the spread of rumours

Ghazal and popular singer Hariharan has always been a notch above the run-of-the-mill  populist singers. His latest endeavour is a song titled  Chappa chappa afwaah chale The  Lockdown Track against the spread rumours regarding the  Coronova virus.

Speaking to me Hariharan  says, “We are a group of friends musicians,chefs, actor, and PR experts. Calling ourselves  the Sur-viralists. Rumours have become such a dangerous habit with people, anything disturbing they share it and also add in their thoughts and fantasies to it. Simple people get influenced by such rumours and go into depression. Or become aggressive in their thoughts. Hence we can voice our concern on the idea of fighting this issue and hence we created the song .”

The Sur-viralists besides Hariharan, comprise singing couple Roop and Shunali Rathod, Hariharan’s sons Akshay and Karan, chef Sanjeev Kapoor and others. Their anti-rumour lockdown song Chappa chappa afwaah chale gets its  referential inspiration from the song Chappa chappa charkha chale from Gulzar’s film Maachis which Hariharan had  sung with Suresh Wadkar for composer Vishal Bhardwaj.

It is one of Hariharan’s most popular songs. Says the baritone singer, “Music is a healer. It has always been but with our world going bonkers its presence is vital as it is communicative,entertaining,spiritual, one is at peace when one listens to music. In short, music makes you a better human being.”

Meanwhile here is the song

And here is the original song Chappa Chappa from the film Maachis.

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