Sinful Treats

Sinful Treats

Blogger Tehzeeb Huda on the food scene in the UAE and beyond!

Sinful Treats    Tehzeeb Huda

The Tezzy Files is a Dubai-based lifestyle blog covering all things Food, Beauty, Fashion and more. The blog was created by Tehzeeb Huda, an avid writer who has been residing in the UAE for the past 10 years. Apart from blogging, Tehzeeb works as a full-time Fashion Marketing Manager, and is also a mum to a hyper 6 year-old. Visit for more. 


Café Isan

Love Thai cuisine and looking for the real deal? I suggest you head to Café Isan. Tucked away in a quiet nook of JLT, this casual ‘café’ pays tribute to the authentic cooking style of the Isan region. Isan is the North Eastern province of Thailand, and any true connoisseur of Thai cuisine will tell you that their dishes differ quite radically from conventional Thai. I find Isan cuisine to be more authentically Thai; unabashedly spicy and brimming with the aromatic scent of traditional herbs, their dishes also tend to be less creamy, allowing for more flavor exploration without being blanketed in a douse of coconut cream.

At Café Isan, the popular Som Tum (Papaya Salad) comes with the traditional salted black crab. Dare you to have it ‘Thai hot’! From their curries, I suggest their Keow Wan Goong, a very flavorful coconut milk based seafood curry featuring jumbo prawns and enhanced with sweet basil. Or try their signature Colonel’s Beef Soup, an intensely flavorful noodle soup that takes an entire day to make and is exclusively available at Café Isan.

Cafe Isan: JLT Lakefront Icon 1 Building, Cluster M 04 453 5269


Sinful Treats

Assam is probably the least discovered state of India in terms of cuisines. My family originates from Assam, and growing up, out of India all my life, I am ashamed to admit I cannot cook more than a dish or two that is truly Assamese. However, I am proud to say we have an Assamese Cuisine star in the family! Meet Sharmin Pasha, Dubai resident and founder of the very popular Facebook page ‘Assamese Cuisine & Recipes’. With over 50K followers worldwide subscribing to her authentic recipes and stunning photography, Sharmin has become a global ambassador on the cuisines of her roots and is also a weekly recipe contributor on Assam Tribune. Do check out her page.


Tezzy’s Quick & Easy Satay Sauce

Sinful Treats

Love satay sauce? Here’s a cheat’s way of making it in under 5 minutes!


-          2 to 4 Thai red chilies, chopped

-          4 to 6 mint leaves, roughly chopped

-          1 pod of garlic

-          2 tablespoons fish sauce

-          1 teaspoon dark soya sauce

-          4 heaped tablespoons crunchy peanut butter

Mash together the first three ingredients with a mortar and pestle. Mix together with fish sauce, soya sauce and the peanut butter. Serve as a dip.


Sinful Treats

The Thai may have pretty hot curries, but did you know that, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s hottest chili is India’s ‘Bhoot Jolokia’? Translating to ‘Ghost Chili’ this fiery beauty guarantees to take the ‘ghost’ out of its eater and originates from Assam.

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