‘Simmba’ Box Office Collection: Ranveer Singh’s Action Film Has Become a Super Hit!

‘Simmba’ Box Office Collection: Ranveer Singh’s Action Film Has Become a Super Hit!

With extraordinary collections, ‘Simmba’ rules the year-end box office. But guess which film might dent its chances?

Bollywood takes a backseat this week as Hollywood strikes big with its Transformers franchise in  Bumblebee,  a subsidiary of the Transformers franchise, that is is all set to storm the Indian box-office. And the Ranveer  Singh hit  Simmba which lost out on family audiences due to its profane mood is expected to suffer a substantial dent as  Bumblebee is designed to lure the kids and their parents into the theatres. The producers Viacom 18 are sparing no effort to ensure the hugely entertaining fantasy-drama accesses itself to the optimum movie-going audience in India. The film about a young girl and her car with magical powers (similar in theme to the recent Telugu film Taxiwala) is expected to eat into Simmba’s box-office returns.

However, Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty need not to worry. Simmba is already a huge hit. It had an extraordinary Monday with collections of INR 21.50 crore nett that took the collections to 97 crores overall. According to the trade website Boxoffice India, it collected a huge INR 26.50 crore nett on Tuesday which is one of the highest first Tuesday collections of all times. It is now confirmed that the film is a super hit through the Wednesday and Friday collections would say how far the film would go.

But Bumblebee is expected to do equally well. A representative of a prominent multiplex chain says,  “Bumblebee is an ideal year-opening family film. The language is secondary as the narrative is a straight-from-the-heart Human -Befriends-Machine story like Steven Spielberg’s ET,  with a universal appeal.  It’s releasing in three  Indian languages (Hindi,  Tamil,  Telugu)  as well. We expect  it to do really well.”

The American critics have already gone ga-ga over Bumblebee hailing it as the best Transformers film ever. Indian audiences are understandably excited about a special effects-driven spectacle with a big heart. All the special effects in Yash Raj Films’ Thugs Of Hindostan,  Shankar’s 2: 0  and  Aanand  Rai’s Zero seemed laboured and artificial. A  technician closely associated with one of the above-named films says, “Of the three VFX-driven films you mentioned from last year only 2: 0  made profits and that too mainly for Rajinikanth. The other two films bombed badly. We just have to face up to the fact that we do not have resources to compete with  Hollywood  VFX  films. Last year the Indian cinema was disappointing in that sense. So  yeah, Bumblebee  is  just the  kind of  spectacle  with emotions that  Indian audiences want  to start the year with.”