Sidharth Malhotra,The Ultimate Bollywood Hunk Shares His Life Lessons, Philosophies and Perspective

Sidharth Malhotra,The Ultimate Bollywood Hunk Shares His Life Lessons, Philosophies and Perspective

Siddharth Malhotra, Bollywood's ultimate hunk these days, has said the following things that tell us a lot about his life and his perspective on being old fashioned, his favourite memories and more
Sidharth Malhotra,The Ultimate Bollywood Hunk Shares His Life Lessons, Philosophies and Perspective
Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra began his career as a model at the age of 18. Unhappy and dissatisfied by the profession, he went on to work as an assistant director to Karan Johar in the 2010 film My Name Is Khan. He launched his Bollywood career with a leading role in Johar's teen drama Student of the Year (2012), for which he received a Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut nomination. He is going to be seen in the upcoming film Jabariya Jodi with Parineeti Chopra. Check out some of his life quotes we've heard him say along the way:

1. I think believing in eternal love or growing old together, people might think is a bit old fashioned. I am bit old fashioned, and I truly believe that it can happen provided that you do find the correct person.

2. When I look back at my journey, it gives me a sense of confidence. I have been through an odd journey from Delhi to Mumbai, struggling, not having a job, shifting houses... Today, I am giving interviews. So it does give me gratitude and confidence. However, the fear is gone.

3. I have some really nice memories of Delhi. Going swimming, roaming around in Defence Colony, cycling in its beautiful, wide lanes, and enjoying good food.

4. Yes, there is an image people have of me, that I did only sweet boy roles. With 'Ek Villain,' I got the opportunity to break out from this image. It is a way of answering my critics, to tell them I am here to perform and not just for glamour.

5. As a kid, I remember my mother always experimenting with bizarre combinations of food such as gulab jamun and pickle! Surprisingly, many years down the line, I have adapted the same.

6. The idea is to be different with every film, and I'm glad my mother and my brother, who were sitting besides me during the screening of 'Ek Villain,' forgot it was me on screen after the first 15 minutes.

7. Sometimes, I remember, for action continuity or to get all warmed up for an action scene before giving a close-up or saying a dialogue, I would do push-ups. I didn't know any other way to get my body mechanism going.

8. As an actor, when you don't have a reference to pick from, you experiment, try out new things. And what comes of it eggs you on. You realize your capabilities and push your limits.

9. If you are the kind who has an active lifestyle and are not hellbent on looking all buffed up, I'd think a vegetarian diet is the way to go.

10. One thing that I have learnt from many senior actors is that you can never take anything for granted. Whether one is working with the best director or a first-time director, every experience teaches you a lot.

11. I would rather know about different cultures, read about them, and understand them than just blindly follow their rituals. All cultures in India have their own logic.

12. I believe in, 'I do it my way, and you do it your way, and then see what works' pattern. I think that comes with me having worked as an assistant director earlier, which I really enjoyed.

13. I think we need a superhero in India that needs a great amount of writing and character behind it. If someone manages to crack it and approaches me, I would love to play a superhero which has a number of series behind it.

14. Infidelity in a serious relationship? No, I have never had that kind of a conflict. My conflicts have been time elements, geographical elements.