Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha Need Hits. Can THESE Films Do the Trick?
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Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha Need Hits. Can THESE Films Do the Trick?

Will Jabariya Jodi and Khandaani Shafakhana revive the career of Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha respectively

Siddharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha, the heroes of next week’s two   socially relevant  comedies are  in urgent need  of a hit. Siddharth’s last four films as a solo hero Baar Baar Dekho, A Gentleman, Ittefaq and Aiyyary have  been calamitous in varying degrees. And the trade believes Sidharth Malhotra has yet to prove himself a solo-hero material. His only successes so far has been Student  Of The year, Ek Villain and Kapoor & Sons had other leading men to prop up prospects.

Jabariya Jodi where Malhotra plays a Bihari goon, is crucial to his career. Says the film’s co-producer Shailesh Singh, “It will surprise the audience  for sure, as they have not seen Siddharth Malhotra like that before. He has never played heartland-rooted character.” Adds veteran journalist Bharathi  S Pradhan, “I found Sidharth refreshingly desi in  the trailer, quite different from his urbane image. Was pleasantly surprised to see him so comfortable in a role so alien to him. So if the film runs, it will be a second innings of stardom for Sid.”

Likewise, Sonakshi Sinha has not had much luck with  the  box-office in her recent releases.  Her attempts at playing the hero  in  Akira, Noor and  Happy Phir Bhaag Jayegi have not been specially a rewarding experience. In  her new release, Khaandani  Shafakhana Sonakshi is cast as a sexologist. It’s  a role far removed from anything she has done so far. Far bolder and less cute than all her releases. It’s been tongue-in-cheekily being  advertised as  a sex film for  the entire family. This  could either mean that Sonakshi is preserving her pristine image as a wholesome girl-next-door, the kind who asks about Uncleji’s health as she passed him  by on her scootie on the way to work. Or that she is consciously working to change her image.

Her  proud father Shatrughan Sinha completely approves  of his daughter’s choices.  “When Sonakshi  first announced her decision to join films my only  precondition was that she must not do anything undignified. And she has  kept her word. I am proud of every role she has done  from Rowdy Rathod to Khaandani  Shafakhana.”

The comedy genre got  a terrible drubbing last Friday when Diljit Dosanjh’s  Arjun Patiala sank without a trace. Would Jabariya Jodi and  Khaandani Shafkhana this week resurrect  the Great Bollywood Comedy?

Opines trade analyst Girish Johar,  “According  to  me Jabariya Jodi and  Khaandani Shafakhana  cannot be  can't be termed as  Siddharth Malhotra and  Sonakshi Sinha’s comeback. I’d say, they are re-inventing themselves. These days actors take time in deciding the right script which they feel justifies their talent, offers something new for them. Which they also feel will be something new for their fans and audiences. Both are a different kind of comedy. For Sonakshi taking the route of a light comedy using a taboo topic is got her the eyeballs. For Siddharth doing a massy and rustic character provides a completely different take from what he has done in the past. Both are looking good and hope to attract audiences at the boxoffice  as well.”

Trade insider Atul Mohan has  the   last word: “These are two  young talents yet to get their dues. Both movies are looking fresh in content and this is what  the audience wants today. I have a feeling both films have  got it right this time.”

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