Shubh Zaika, the Latest Indian Restaurant to Launch in Dubai

Shubh Zaika, the Latest Indian Restaurant to Launch in Dubai

Shubh Zaika is a new Indian restaurant that is set to launch in Dubai very soon. Read details here
Shubh Zaika, the Latest Indian Restaurant to Launch in Dubai
Shubh Zaika

Dubai is host to various restaurants and cuisines. In the list of many eateries that offer delicious Indian food, a new restaurant named ‘Shubh Zaika’ is set to open on April 8th 2019 at 5 p.m. The restaurant promises to deliver traditional Indian dishes from North to South and more. It will offer a mix of Indian-Arab cuisine.

The restaurant also has vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices, including a sweets shop and an extensive chaat counter. Shubh Zaika boasts luxurious wooden interiors and live entertainment including ghazal music that will add to the ambience.

“When we created the concept and prepared the menu for restaurant, we focused on the freshness and availability of UAE’s local produce. We will keep on changing the offers throughout the season especially now that it is summer to keeping the dishes lighter,” said Shubh Zaika’s chef.

The third food venture opened within Q1 of 2019 by entrepreneur Mr. Somit Jenna of SRJ Group of Companies says: “Dubai is city with a very unique food landscape and with more than 200 nationalities making up the population, picking an area for a restaurant depends on the target market you are trying to cater. We decided to set up the Shubh Zaika in Jumeirah which is well known for having an abundance of high end, well known and good food places.”

“Dubai is in a pace of growing and rapidly expanding tourism industry, people from all over the world visit the city for business and pleasure which directly translates to a big changes in the locals and expat residents eating habits,” they elaborated in a statement. “You could see the demand for world cuisines has gone up and this is what we are trying to capture.”

“At Shubh Zaika, we want our guests to rediscover the authentic Indian cuisine which has made it so popular all over the world with an Arabic twist of flavour,” says the management. Shubh Zaika is also an official sponsor of Al Wasl Ladies Volleyball Team.

Seating Capacity: 100
Table reservations: Advised.
Address: Jumeirah 1, right in front of La Mer in Century Plaza Building.
Timings: Daily from 10 AM until 12AM.

Take a look at the images of the restaurant here.