Showing True Colours: Interview with Celebrity Hair Colourist Jack Howard

Showing True Colours: Interview with Celebrity Hair Colourist Jack Howard

Hair colourist and the colour spokesperson for L'Oreal UK Jack Howard on most common hair dilemmas

The man behind the ever popular Balayange hair colour technique for sunkissed tresses, loved and sported by celebs and A-listers around the world, answers the most common Asian hair questions. 

What colouring trend should we leave behind in 2016?

If you haven’t already, ditch the Ombre. It was such a massive trend from 2012-2014 but it’s done now.

What colour is the most flattering on tan/olive skins? 

A great question. Tanned and olive skins can be both warm or cool so it really depends on the individual client. I always say to my clients to look in their jewellery box to determine if they’re warm or cool toned. Cool tones tend to favour silver jewellery whereas those drawn to gold will be warm.

Your best tip to prevent hair breakage and fading post colour?  

Preventing breakage is done with great colour application firstly and then good home hair care. The trick is to alternate treatments as you don’t want to over moisturise or put too much protein into the hair. The big break through in the last year is definitely Olaplex as that can be added to your colour before the service, strengthening the hair, helping with colour fade and pollution. The range also contains a weekly at home haircare treatment so it’s win-win.

The most common mistake women make with their hair colour? 

Do your research and find the best colourist for you. Some colourists will take their client too blonde or too dark which is such a common mistake. Beautiful hair (to me) should look natural and sophisticated.

What trend are you yet to experiment with?

As the UK Colour Spokesperson for L’Oreal, I’m very up to date on trends but I’m a champion of natural colours so I’m not one to experiment with bright rainbow shades.

Your top pick of 2017 colour trends?

Green shades were definitely on the rise during the last few months of 2016 and Pantone’s colour of the year Greenery has already been making waves in the hair world at the start of 2017. They key for a wearable green is to make it look expensive – metallics and deep emeralds are the coolest shades. A lot of micro colour trends come and go by the time you’ve even had the chance to make an appointment with your colourist! For 2017, I’m predicting a back to basics return to the technique that started the revolution – balayage. There are so many offshoots of balayage, from strobing to denim to the newest tiger eye trend, but theyre all created with the balayage freehand technique and so open to complete personal interpretation. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to your colour which is why freehand creative painting will be the go-to application technique for this year. 

Showing True Colours: Interview with Celebrity Hair Colourist Jack Howard

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