Should Sasha stop chasing his exes?

Should Sasha stop chasing his exes?

One ignores an SMS. The other connects by mistake. Shahid's getting his messages

Priyanka's big snub:
Shahid apparently sent ex-GF Priyanka a three-page SMS, gushing and congratulating her on her National Award win. According to a source, "In the SMS, he told her she deserved the award and how this award was one of many to come."
PC didn't even bother to respond to this warm message. Not even with a plain 'thank you'.

It's not Vidya:
As we know, Vidya and Shahid were not even on talking terms, post Kismat Konnection. But then Shahid received a very flattering SMS congratulating him for his Kaminey award, signed VB. Shahid jumped to the conclusion that it was Vidya texting from a new number, so he called her up on her old phone line! Only to discover it wasn't the actress at all So who texted Shahid? Director Vishal Bhardwaj!

Masala! says...

Stay away from both, Sasha. Prinks has made you run around enough. It's time you took a stand and ignored her the way she ignores you. And there's been too much cold blood (and shoulders) between you and Vidya to start any new fires.
But if you have to go back to an old love, there's always Sania Mirza. After all, she's just broken off her engagement!

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