Shocking! TV Actor Karan Wahi Disses Bigg Boss 9 As Disgraceful!

Why is the actor so upset?
Shocking! TV Actor Karan Wahi Disses Bigg Boss 9 As Disgraceful!

Salman Khan

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It isn't news anymore that the Bigg Boss series is usuallly a pot brimming with controversy after controversy! However the 9th season so far has been rather tepid and this may have given Colours Channel some reason to feel worried about the possibility of the show's TRPs spiralling downwards.
Thus, after some unsuccessful attempts at at igniting controvery within the house, the makers roped in wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha to set fire to the plot. For those unaware, during yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 9,  Mandana Karimi and wild card contestant Rishabh Sinha were treated as guests at a hotel and the rest had to be the servants. Rishabh asked the inmates to do unimaginable tasks for him including throwing a bone and asking Kishwer Merchant to fetch it like a dog and bring it back to him, which she did. And Kishwer retaliated by spitting in his glass. The entire episode showed all the inmates in the worst possible light, making us wonder if this is another blatant attempt to hike up the rating!
Fortunately, this time television actor Karan Wahi has taken to Twitter and completely slammed the channel Colors TV and Bigg Boss 9, calling the show disgraceful for making contestants do tasks that were degrading and insulting, reported an article in
He blamed the channel for being TRP hungry and for having a contestant like Rishabh Sinha. This is surprising as well as gutsy on the actor's part considering that Karan himself appears on a show in the channel!