Shocking! Salman Yusuff Khan Booked for Molestation, Incident Happened in Dubai

Shocking! Salman Yusuff Khan Booked for Molestation, Incident Happened in Dubai

The victim alleged that Salman Yusuff Khan had threatened her with dire consequences if she complained. Read the details here!

Reputed Bollywood choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan, winner of the first season of Dance India Dance and a regular judge on dance reality shows, has been booked for molesting a member of his own group. The alleged incident reportedly happened on two separate occasions in Dubai. However, the case has been filed in India.  It is expected that the Mumbai police will reach out to the Dubai police during the course of the investigation.

According to the FIR filed, the victim was first contacted by Salman’s manager in the first week of August 2018 while she was in London in connection with a dance programme. The manager then organised a meeting between the victim and Salman, post her return from London, in the same month. Subsequently, she met Salman at a coffee shop in Oshiwara, an area in the suburb of Andheri, Mumbai. During the course of the meeting, Salman offered the victim an opportunity to perform at Bollywood Parks in Dubai with him.

Hindustan Times reports that the victim claimed that Salman “touched her inappropriately” on the day she was offered the opportunity to work in Dubai. She further adds that Salman proposed to drop her home from the coffee shop and then forcibly hugged her while she was getting down from the car. When she objected to his behaviour, Salman allegedly laughed it off saying that “such things happen in Bollywood.”

The FIR filed by the victim further goes on to add that following the incident, she got a call from Salman’s manager and was then asked to report for a performance in Dubai. The victim agreed and applied for a visa. She left for Dubai on August 20, along with her dance group. While in Dubai, Salman asked her, on August 30, to accompany him to Bahrain for another show.

As soon as they reached the airport, the FIR says, Salman allegedly introduced her to his cousin brother. The rest of the details are not clear. The victim has mentioned that on the way back from Bahrain to Dubai, Salman as well as his cousin misbehaved and allegedly touched her inappropriately. This journey, incidentally, was by road on November 3. It is not clear whether Salman and the victim had spent two months from their initial trip to Dubai in August till their return to Mumbai, in Bahrain or if they spent the entire time in Dubai. The victim says that she chose to keep quiet and didn't report the incident to the Dubai police.

After the victim flagged up his bad behaviour, things turned sour and she says Salman and his team harassed her by terminating her contract and threatening her with dire consequences.

In his defence, Salman said that the whole case is an attempt to tarnish his name after blackmailing him failed.  These incidents of harassment prompted the victim to file a case against Salman and his brother. Now it is up to the Dubai Police to figure out what exactly transpired between August and November.

Salman Yusuff Khan appeared in the title song of Wanted, he was also the choreographer of Yana Gupta for a dance reality show. His debut movie in Bollywood was ABCD.