Shocking! Rimi Sen Begs Salman Khan to Let Her Go Home!
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Shocking! Rimi Sen Begs Salman Khan to Let Her Go Home!

Things are unfolding in the BB9 house, which have never happened before!

A few days back we brought to you reports about the strict and rather pricey exit clause for the contestants of Bigg Boss 9. For the first time, since the show started, no contestant has expressed her paranoia about being locked indoors and has gone to the extent of begging the host to let her off. While we're not sure if Rimi Sen is genuinely torubled at the house or if this is just another trick to ensure her ticket straight to the finale!

Over the weekend, actress Rimi Sen broke down and begged host Salman Khan to allow her to go home. She was not happy about having being saved from elimination, even though she made it clear from day one that she wanted to leave the show (but can’t because of a stringent exit clause). 

A report in said that even when she went into the Bigg Boss house, no one from her family came to see her off. The actress has no siblings, lost her father a few years ago and lives with her mom Sanghamitra in Mumbai. While Rimi’s breakdown was distressing for viewers and people from the industry who have known and worked with her, her mother is unfazed and said to DNA, “I watch the show every day so I don’t miss her. Also,  I’ve heard that she’s getting lot of votes.”
Sanghamitra says about Rimi sobbing on national television, "Salman bheeshon bhalo manush (Salman is a wonderful man)! Rimi has known him since the Kyun Ki days. I am a very practical person. I didn’t cry when I saw her crying. Rimi has always been a strong girl, independent and confident by nature, even as a child. She’s a national scholar, has learned dancing since the age of three, is an accomplished Odissi dancer and has been working since she was 14. She has always made her own decisions. I am sure she knows what she is doing and how to take care of herself."
When it comes to advising her daughter, Mama Sen says, “She is a big girl. Who am I to give her advice? Even if I did, it wouldn’t get through to her as she has no connect to the outside. I came to know that she had signed up for the reality show only when the producers came home to get the contract signed. I don’t want to interfere in her life in any way. She has always been like my guardian angel, even as a child...” 
On missing her daughter, she says, “If Rimi got married and went abroad after that, it would be the same, no? Of course, not that it would happen — Rimi has no desire to get married.” Would she like her to stay till the end? “It depends on her. Rimi is an intelligent girl and she will decide what she wants to do. While she has friends, nobody is very close. Even I am like that.” Would she enter the BB house when asked by the channel, Sanghamitra replies unequivocally, “No.”
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