Shocking! Meher Vij's Brother Accused For Rape

Shocking! Meher Vij's Brother Accused For Rape

The TV star is in the middle of a serious case. Here's what his family had to say!
Shocking! Meher Vij's Brother Accused For Rape

A whole family of well-known actors have been caught in a conundrum in what they call a shocking charge against another innocent TV actor in their family. The relatives of Piyush Sahdev, known for his roles in Geet, Devon Ke De Mahadev, and Beyhadh has claimed that he is innocent and being framed for vengeance. Piyush was arrested on November 22 for allegedly raping a 23-year old model. A case was registered against Piyush under IPC Section 376 at Mumbai’s Versova Police Station. The actor will be in police custody till November 27.

Meher Vij, who recently played the role of protagonist's mother in Secret Superstar, claimed that she hasn't been in touch with her brother ever since he got married. "I have got to know this from you. When did this happen? I don't know anything at all," Meher said.

Meher Vij

The actress, also known for playing protagonist's mother in Salman Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan, further said, "You know I haven't been able to get in touch with my father too, so I do not know anything about this. Actually, Piyush and I haven't been in touch at all ever since he got married. His wife had some issues, so I chose to back off. Whatever contact we have had, has been only through our father since then." His brother Gireesh is also an actor and he expressed shock over the developments. “I don’t think my brother can be involved in these kind of activities. He is not like that. But if there’s a .1 per cent of him being in the wrong, we will accept it, but I still believe aisa kuch nahi hai. He is innocent, the verdict will be in his favour, sach ki vijay hogi,” says Gireesh Sahdev, best known for his serial Best of Luck Nikki and others.


His brother told an Indian publication that he was not in touch with Piyush because he uncomfortable about it. “After his marriage four-five years ago, kuch aisi situation hui ki he wasn’t comfortable talking to us. Whatever his reasons were, baat nahi hui. Even I felt I should not get into his zone if he is comfortable like that. He was living his life. I did not want to enter his personal space. However, since the last three-four months he was facing some problems and automatically we got in touch with each other. But still, this has come as a big shock to me. Now, we can’t speak to each other because he is in custody and all his belongings are in the locker. They are not allowing anybody to talk to him. I am also waiting now and will go with whatever verdict is given,” says Gireesh.

We will have to wait for the verdict of the court which the family members hope will vindicate the stand that their brother is innocent.