Shocking! Did You Know That Kapil Sharma Battled Suicidal Thoughts?

Shocking! Did You Know That Kapil Sharma Battled Suicidal Thoughts?

The comedian speaks about his ordeal
Shocking! Did You Know That Kapil Sharma Battled Suicidal Thoughts?

Even since his downfall, Kapil Sharma says he regrets all his acts and has apologized to fellow comedian, Sunil Grover and his entire team, along with all the other bpeople he has hurt in the last few months.

Recently, Kapil also admitted that he had turned alcoholic and had slipped into depression, along with having frequent anxiety attacks. However, now he says that he’s trying to cope up with life and success and trying to change his perspective towards life for good.  "I am not God nor a saint. I have made mistakes and I regret them and wish to say sorry to everyone whom I have hurt during the last few months.  I have been very impulsive and could not manage my team well. I didn't fight with Sunil. I love him and I love his work and I love to work with the best of the people. I was irritated. When I came back to Punjab I had arranged a meeting with Gurdass Maan sir and couldn't meet him as one of the crew members expired. That upset me even more. I became more negative towards people. There was a lot of fog in Punjab as we were shooting during the winter, I was the producer and budget went up as we couldn't shoot.  During that time I had decided not to do the show in Australia. I asked them to cancel it. But payments were made and everything was arranged so they said they couldn’t cancel it. I had to perform for two and half hours there.  One of the girls came and told me she could not perform.  Someone came and told me that they were trying to do this on purpose and that upset me even more and I started hurling abuses. Sunil spoke against me that irritated me and with so many pressures on my mind I was uncontrollable. If I was in Sunil's place I would have sorted matters out with him. On the contrary he spoke against me."

There were also reports that Shah Rukh Khan and his team had gone to promote their film Harry Met Sejal on Kapil Sharma's show and had to return back because Kapil was not available for the show himself. Kapil clarifies "I have problems with the media as to who their sources are.  I don't have any PR to give clarifications. Not many know that Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to be there on the show at 7 pm and was I there from 2 pm but I was restless and unwell. I waited till 8 pm and shot for two shows and then left."

The actor reveals that he had anxiety attacks  "I love my team so much and could not detach from them. Shah Rukh came the next day. I met him and told him that I was unwell and could not perform on the show.  I took a break and went to Bangalore for treatment.  I came back and locked myself in a room and took to alcohol once again. I didn't feel like taking to anyone. Someone asked me if I fought with Sunil, I said "Yes".  He also screamed at me and hurled abuses. One of my friend Gajyot said come to my place I live near the sea you can come and calm yourself there. I went and visited him but it had an opposite effect on me. I felt like ending my life in the sea (I started to have suicidal thoughts). At the same moment I cancelled my show which was to be held at the Wagah Border too."

About making amends with Sunil Grover he says "I wanted Sunil to come and launch the trailer and also messaged him and invited him. He replied "Where"?  I said here in Mumbai. But he is shooting in Canada now."

Kapil says his mother didn't know about his illness.  "My mother was told that the industry was on strike and shoots were cancelled. I stayed in my office and went into depression. I only had my dog for company and we kept looking at each other. I had kept my phone switched off. Shah Rukh Khan came to meet me and wished me all the luck and so did Anil Kapoor. "

Kapil also admits that he is unable to decipher whether he could handle success or not.  "I was very lonely during that period.  My friends from the Firangi team were my strength, my director Rajiev Dhingra, music director Dr. Zeus and many more were my strength during this period.  They understood my problems and took it in their stride and stood by me through out."

There were also reports that he had a fall out with Salman but Kapil says, "Why will Salman be angry with me. I want to say sorry to each and every one.   I would like to say that I am a man of many flaws." When asked whether his girlfriend had parted ways with him the actor said "I  have had many fall outs in life. I am 36 year old and there is a big decision to make in life. I am taking everything in my stride now. I have taken big decisions easily but I can't handle the smaller decisions.   Whatever has happened in my life is the past now I am learning every day."

Right now the actor says he's looking forward to his film Firangi.  "I am trying to break the mould of the comedian in me with this film. The film is about Partition period but it's not a dark film it's a slice of life film.  We will try to promote the film and will be going on city tours.  I hope I can revive my show and will regain the respect and love of people and audiences once more."

While we all hope Kapil is able to get back up on his feet soon, we wonder what’s the truth and what not! In the meanwhile, watch the trailer of Firangi